Monday, 4 April 2016

The Pen Factor Reviewer of the Month: Andrea Peck

The Transformation of Seth Riley - Andrea Peck
April 2016

The Pen Factor is delighted to announce our first official Reviewer of the Month, Californian-based writer, Andrea Peck. Andrea joined The Pen Factor in November last year and came to our attention through her beautifully crafted, considerate and well-balanced review. Andrea is a fan of the ‘hamburger method’ - one suggestion wedged between two positive feedback buns.
“When writing a review … I like to point out aspects of the story that I find compelling. Everyone grows from constructive criticism, but it cannot be overwhelming.”

In terms of receiving feedback on her own work, Andrea favours specific suggestions that focus on a particular aspect of her writing, right down to the organization of a sentence or even the choice of word. “Feedback that does not include suggestions for improvement in a specific area makes me wonder if the person doing the critique is holding back”. Andrea is delighted with the thorough feedback she has received via The Pen Factor.

“I love the whole idea of The Pen Factor—the notion that we can all work and struggle together and, at the same time, support each other.”

It has been reassuring to Andrea to know that her writing is understandable and accessible to readers. Andrea’s powerful coming of age story, The Transformation of Seth Riley, is subtly moving and has been well received by other writers at The Pen Factor. It was inspired by her husband, a fisherman - “I feel that fishermen in general are very interesting people. They are not of this world.” Predominantly a non-fiction writer, Andrea hopes to continue to branch out into broader non-fiction markets and gradually delve into fiction. She already has a novel and a children’s book in the works. We can’t wait to read more from this
great writer and reviewer. Keep up the good work Andrea!

Read The Transformation of Seth Riley here.

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